Liberty Hill Youth League

Fall 2024 Coach Registration


LHYL Coach Registration

Thank you for considering coaching for the Liberty Hill Youth League.

As a coach for LHYL, you will steward our mission—to provide an educational and encouraging environment for youth aged 4 to 14. We aim to teach the fundamentals of the game while promoting teamwork, leadership, and, most importantly, FUN!

LHYL is committed to delivering the best experience of the game to every child in our league. We will be here to assist and encourage you throughout your coaching journey.

We are excited for you to be a part of this league and look forward to seeing you all on the field! Please make sure to review the policies and rules for Baseball or Softball.


Baseball General Information:

Subject to field availability, LHYL commits to offering coaches at least one field practice per week for Baseball. Coaches bear the responsibility of organizing these practices, involving parents for assistance during both practices and games, and ensuring regular communication with parents about LHYL events. The commissioner assigned to each age level serves as the primary point of contact for coaches with the LHYL Board of Directors.

LHYL will provide batting tees for tee-ball age levels in both cages and on fields. Additionally, LHYL will supply one box of game balls and provide catcher's gear (pending availability).

Baseball Projected Season Schedule: 

  • Assessments: August 3rd

  • Drafts: August 4th 

  • Field Clean-up Weekends: August 24th and 31st 

  • First Practices: Week of August 4th

  • Games Begin: After Labor Day

  • Pictures: September 14th

  • End of Season Tournament: Week of October 27th

Note: These dates are projected for baseball and are subject to change.


Softball General Information:

LHYL commits to offering coaches at least one field and one batting cage practice per week for each softball team. Coaches responsibilities are to organize and run practices,  communicate with parents about team information and LHYL events, and information coming from age group commissioners. The commissioner assigned to each age level serves as the primary point of contact for coaches.

LHYL will provide the following equipment for teams: tees for 6U and 8U, catching gear, and one box of game balls.


Softball Projected Season Schedule:  TBP

Protected Player Guidelines:

  • Coaches and assistant coaches' children are mandatory protected players.  

  • Adding additional coaches does not increase the number of protected players a team may select.  

  • All players that are protected count towards the protected player total for a team. There are no exceptions to this rule.   

  • Coaches are responsible for ensuring that all their protected players meet eligibility criteria and are registered before the registration deadline.

  • Coaches will consider relevant circumstances, variables, and family preferences when submitting their protected player lists and prioritize their selections accordingly.

Baseball Protected Players: 

  • 6U and 8U Coaches: You can designate up to 4 protected players you consider essential for your teams success. 

  • 10U and 12U: You can identify up to 6 protected players who you consider essential for your teams success. 

  • 14U: You can identify up to 9 protected players who you consider essential for your teams success. 

  • Baseball Assessments: All non-protected players will be assessed prior to the draft. This evaluation will provide valuable insights into individual skill levels and ensure all players are placed in the division that best suits their development.


Softball Protected Players: 

  • All Age Groups - a maximum of 6 protected players 

  • Players must be protected 48 hours before the time of the draft (more information will come at our coach’s meeting)

  • LHYL will not grant approval for any additional protected players beyond the allotted limit.


Please direct questions to:

Director of Operations - Kyle Crane


Board Secretary- Lacie Karnauch